October 26, 2018
Investigation: March of Migrants Funded and Supported by Left-Wing Donors

By Raheem Kassam

A mass march of migrants heading towards the U.S. border is the culmination of decades of anti-border activism funded from both inside and outside the United States, including the work of a Mexican diplomat, U.S. corporations, and Democrat Party donors.

An investigation into the history of the caravans and the groups and individuals related to them reveals a well-funded network of open borders activists, as well a links to left-wing political groups based in the United States.

Pueblos Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders) is the group most often quoted by media sources on the “Caravan”. The group’s leader, Irineo Mujica – a dual U.S./Mexican citizen – was arrested last week by Mexican authorities for causing damage to property and resisting arrest.

Another of the group’s activists – Rodrigo Abeja – is closely linked with the Popular Assembly of Migrant Families (APOFAM) group which has chapters across America. The group openly agitates against current immigration law and for open borders.

APOFAM is housed out of a “the Casa de Los Amigos”  –as a Quaker halfway house  some 270 miles south of Mexico City is known. A historical list of donors to the Casa de Los Amigos includes a number of private individuals in the United States, all of whom have donated to left wing causes in recent years. The list also includes donors to the Democrat National Committee, as well as recent election campaigns of John Kerry, Harry Reid, and Barbara Boxer.

The Casa de Los Amigos website also once boasted as one of its board members Daniel Hernandez Joseph. Joseph is the current Mexican ambassador to Greece. Joseph has been posted to the United States several times throughout his career including a posting as a former diplomat in residence at the American University in Washington, D.C.from 2006-2007.

“I was a member of the board of Casa de Los Amigos in Mexico City about a decade ago or more,” Joseph said in an interview with the AMI Newswire, “My father, Jorge Hernández Moreno, was a founding member of the Casa de Los Amigos in 1956. My parents were co-directors of the Casa and lived there when I was born in 1958, so the Casa was my first home. Casa de Los Amigos was founded by a group of Quakers residing in Mexico City. Since its foundation, it has hosted the Mexico City Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). I remain to this day a member of the meeting.”

Another alumnus of the Casa de Los Amigos is Bridget Moix, a leader of the U.S. and UK government funded Peace Direct organisation. Moix was at one time was employed directly by the U.S. government as part of USAID.

The migrant caravan is linked to these groups through Abeja and others, who flit between the United States and central America with the express goal of helping would-be illegal immigrants cross the U.S. southern border.

Other supporters of such initiatives include the Border Angels organization based out of Los Angeles, which recently welcomed Abeja’s and Pueblos Sin Fronteras’ efforts.

“We are one of many organizations that are helping [Pueblos Sin Fronteras] because we believe in what they do,” Border Angels founder Enrique Morones said in an interview with the Southwestern Sun.

Border Angels is in turn supported by private donors as well as charitable giving by Ralph’s supermarket chain in California, and the Amazon Smile program.

The caravan from early 2018 was supported by another U.S.-based individual, Alex Mensing, who was found to be working for the CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project, whose constituent groups – the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. and the American Immigration Council – have recently received large checks from the Open Society Foundation. The Open Society Foundation has donated to a number of organizations which support the liberalization of American immigration policy including  a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

PSF, APOFAM, and the original funders of the Casa de Los Amigos house – the American Friends Service Committee – have been long standing activists on the far left of U.S. politics, associating with groups like the L.A.-based National Day Laborer Organizing Network, and the avowedly socialist United for Peace and Justice group.

The migrant caravan continues its journey through Mexico this week, with fears in Washington, D.C. that it will arrive on the U.S. border in time for the midterm elections on November 6th.

“To those in the Caravan, turnaround, we are not letting people into the United States illegally,”President Trump tweeted on October 25th, “Go back to your Country and if you want, apply for citizenship like millions of others are doing!”

The U.S. government is sending hundreds of troops to the border to provide “logistical support” in case the thousands still travelling with the caravan fail to heed the President’s advice.


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