November 23, 2018
Activists Attack Thanksgiving Weekend Traditions
By Joshua Yasmeh
Activists have found a new holiday to be angry about — Thanksgiving.
Children once donned feather headdresses and other bits of Indian costumes to celebrate the natives who saved the lives of the pilgrim settlers on the day that became known as Thanksgiving, but now activists see that as “appropriation“ of Native American identities and somehow “racist.” And they want to force others to conform to their beliefs.
This year Thanksgiving appears to be in the crosshairs of some on the political Left who see the holiday as a symbol of America’s efforts to whitewash its history of brutality against Native Americans.
Indeed, challenges to the symbolism of Thanksgiving are already finding their way into left-leaning activist publications. Racial justice associate editor at YES! Magazine Zenobia Jeffries Warfield is pushing to raise public consciousness about the implications of celebrating the holiday. Instead of “trashing” Thanksgiving, activists should instead attempt to “decolonize” the holiday through educational efforts aimed at illuminating the history of colonization.
These attacks have also worked there way into mainstream media. In an op-ed published this Thanksgiving season by Time Magazine, Sean Sherman who has to lead a movement to revitalize indigenous cuisine called the Thanksgiving tale “a harmful lie.”
The biggest pushback against the holiday is emanating from college campuses, particularly from student groups who purport to represent the interests of Native Americans and other minorities impacted by America’s colonialist practices in years past.
A video produced by Campus Reform interviewed college students on their opinion of the holiday. Asking them if they thought the holiday was racist with many agreeing.
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving an animated version of the popular comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz has aired on prime time in the United States every November since 1973. During the 25 minute special the title character and his animated friends all dress as either Native Americans or early Pilgrims to celebrate the holiday.
For now, Thanksgiving remains a fairly mainstream event that is only controversial at the political fringes. Each year But that may change in the next few years as liberals begin to move away from the political center and signal a leftward shift toward unadulterated progressivism.
“Thanksgiving is a beautiful American tradition,” said conservative media personality Amanda Prestigiacomo in an interview with AMI Newswire.
“It’s especially beautiful since the first Thanksgiving was made possible by Squanto, a Native and devout Christian who taught the pilgrims how to farm. William Bradford said Squanto, his fellow brother in Christ, was ‘sent of God,’ ” added the conservative writer.
With the trend of cultural polarization in the Trump era imposing a strict binary between red and blue America, some conservatives are embracing the seemingly impermeable dividing lines in the sand.
“[I]f liberals want to skip out on Turkey day, I’m okay with that,” asserted Prestigiacomo. “This will only make the day more enjoyable for us red-blooded Americans. Besides, who wants to make special accommodations for their vegan wine aunt?”

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